New Jotter Release

I have been using my new text editor, Jotter on my Raspberry Pi to fix bugs and write features for Jotter. The new release is out, on I have also been working on a theme changer for Nimbus, the website creation tool.

Both programs will work on Windows, from XP onwards (I haven’t tested that on Windows 8 though). All Linux distributions are supported too.
If you want to run it, please install:

  • Python3
  • Python3-enchant
  • Python3-pyqt4


  • Python3.4
  • PyQt (Python 3.4 compatible version)
  • Python3-enchant (win32)

Features added to Jotter

I’ve added a couple of new features to Jotter. It’s now possible to change to a different monospace font, and set the number of spaces for a tab. The user can also now change the text size. Image