Useful Database Application


I can already insert and save stuff into my own databases, meaning I don’t have to use the horrible (in my opinion) Libre Office Base. I hate the queries and searching on that. This application is called ‘Records’ and it should link in well with Nimbus, for doing websites linked to databases.


Bug Tracker

Have finally got my bug tracker working on my other website. It was made difficult by the fact that I didn’t want a glut of new emails in my inbox every day/week. I actually found a bug in the bug tracker.

I must get rid of that butt-ugly grasshopper as well. A bug in a bug tracker

Icons Finished

Having finished my icons I can focus on the graphical CSS2-3 tarting up later on, after getting the file port to work. The icons look lovely up close and running in my demo. I wanted natural looking and different icons, as the default set. Later on, I can create more digital looking modern ones – that won’t take as much time.


Frankenstein Code – Django

Frankenstein Code to Django

Have been having nightmares trying to hook Python programs onto Javascript click events (e.g. button presses). Bit the bullet and redesigned my code to use Django. It’s written in Python, so I can do more powerful programs than with some Frankenstein mix of PHP and Javascript. Loving the SQL Alchemy features and the international features in Django too.

Will be sustained whilst coding by drinking some of this:


Cygnet Testing

I’ve been doing unit tests for my software system. Cygnet is the language for my ‘Cygnet Maker’ application building system. It enables users to create bespoke programs with their own small Python plugins, or built in commands for common tasks. These common tasks could be opening files, printing or saving (downloading).


Named after the two cygnets born near me

Common tasks also includes commands for database back-ends, converting files and input fields with validation. I was going to write my own meta-language but I quickly decided on XML as the language was beginning to look like a nested tree. I also thought XML was cleaner from a programming perspective.