Debugging and Testing

The testing and debugging phase for Records is well under way, and a beta release will arrive when I think the bigger bugs and omissions have been ironed out.

Here is a picture of the current dialog I’m currently mending.

Advanced query - adding search terms


Simple Search

I have completed a form enabling any table to be queried, if the query is a simple one. The results are displayed in a separate search tab.


Records Create, Insert, Update and Delete Works

My database program can now do many of the things that larger database programs can, such as insert data, update it and create new tables. Below is the Create table dialog, which I managed to get working over the Christmas holidays. I’m currently working on a HTML5 reports feature.

Records - a partially filled in create table dialog.

Researching Old Office Suites

This week I tried using Lotus SmartSuite again. I used to use this program as a teenager to do school reports, as my family couldn’t afford Microsoft Office. I actually preferred this suite as it’s easier to use. I may use some of their ideas for later programs, just updating them for this century.

I have also been using a lot of Python, as my GUI for Nimbus would generate loads of hard to chase down errors to do with memory management when using C++ and Qt. This is why Jotter now has tabs. It will soon have a file list as well, so I can find out why it’s opening 3 copies of the same file.


Features added to Jotter

I’ve added a couple of new features to Jotter. It’s now possible to change to a different monospace font, and set the number of spaces for a tab. The user can also now change the text size. Image

New Nimbus Logo

See below for the freshly drawn Nimbus logo:


Progress on Jotter Text Editor


I’ve just finished updating the icons and adding the tab width functionality. It didn’t take any where near as long to construct compared to building an entire HTML framework from scratch.

Linux Distro for Programming

I currently use Linux Mint 16 for programming, it comes with a lot of programs in the repos for things like graphics. Before on Slackware, I had to compile Inkscape from source or using Slackpkgs – either way was dependency hell. I like the Mate interface, and older ones like Fluxbox. The process of setting up a LAMP server is very different between Slackware and Mint – Apache comes with quite a few modules preloaded on Linux Mint like mod_rewrite (which is used by WordPress).

I dislike using non-free software like Google Chrome – but I use that for videos and listening to the radio. One day I hope to use Gentoo again, but I’d have to find the correct kernel module for my atheros ethernet chip. Right now, I don’t have the time to spend correcting errors and compiling packages from source. I have a lot of work to do on Paradise Office.

Linux Mint Gentoo Linux

More Blog Postings to Come…

I’m trying to get in to social media more, and blogging. I have also been looking for better alternatives to WordPress, although I quite like WordPress it’s nice to have a choice.

My favourite blog out of the ones I looked at, because it has a cute squirrel logo (however not many plugins):

An alternative blog, Nibble Blog

Building Login Pages

This week I’m constructing the login and register pages, for users to sign up to Paradise Office. I went with a kooky rainbow theme and tropical looking ‘log in’ buttons. I may also make the captcha bigger, and style it to blend in with the rest of the form.

Here is a picture: