Debugging and Testing

The testing and debugging phase for Records is well under way, and a beta release will arrive when I think the bigger bugs and omissions have been ironed out.

Here is a picture of the current dialog I’m currently mending.

Advanced query - adding search terms


Simple Search

I have completed a form enabling any table to be queried, if the query is a simple one. The results are displayed in a separate search tab.


Records Create, Insert, Update and Delete Works

My database program can now do many of the things that larger database programs can, such as insert data, update it and create new tables. Below is the Create table dialog, which I managed to get working over the Christmas holidays. I’m currently working on a HTML5 reports feature.

Records - a partially filled in create table dialog.

Useful Database Application


I can already insert and save stuff into my own databases, meaning I don’t have to use the horrible (in my opinion) Libre Office Base. I hate the queries and searching on that. This application is called ‘Records’ and it should link in well with Nimbus, for doing websites linked to databases.

New Jotter Release

I have been using my new text editor, Jotter on my Raspberry Pi to fix bugs and write features for Jotter. The new release is out, on I have also been working on a theme changer for Nimbus, the website creation tool.

Both programs will work on Windows, from XP onwards (I haven’t tested that on Windows 8 though). All Linux distributions are supported too.
If you want to run it, please install:

  • Python3
  • Python3-enchant
  • Python3-pyqt4


  • Python3.4
  • PyQt (Python 3.4 compatible version)
  • Python3-enchant (win32)

Researching Old Office Suites

This week I tried using Lotus SmartSuite again. I used to use this program as a teenager to do school reports, as my family couldn’t afford Microsoft Office. I actually preferred this suite as it’s easier to use. I may use some of their ideas for later programs, just updating them for this century.

I have also been using a lot of Python, as my GUI for Nimbus would generate loads of hard to chase down errors to do with memory management when using C++ and Qt. This is why Jotter now has tabs. It will soon have a file list as well, so I can find out why it’s opening 3 copies of the same file.


Nimbus Update

Have been working hard on Nimbus, creating various features that will work in the background to create a list of id and class tags for JQuery and CSS. It will also include some Markdown features.

One of the available themes will be the one below, which I think is kind of daft and pink.

Theme for a website with pink roses, and a dusky pink background.

A girly theme


Features added to Jotter

I’ve added a couple of new features to Jotter. It’s now possible to change to a different monospace font, and set the number of spaces for a tab. The user can also now change the text size. Image

Bug Tracker

Have finally got my bug tracker working on my other website. It was made difficult by the fact that I didn’t want a glut of new emails in my inbox every day/week. I actually found a bug in the bug tracker.

I must get rid of that butt-ugly grasshopper as well. A bug in a bug tracker

New Nimbus Logo

See below for the freshly drawn Nimbus logo: