My Background

I live in a small village near an old mining town in England. It’s mostly land locked, and the only water I see is that of the lake. Wildfowl regularly cross the road, and I’m suprised my two favourite swans haven’t got ran over by the bus to Nottingham yet. There’s no work round my area, except in shops and as admin workers. All the former factories have closed, and new technological industries don’t set up shop round here because of a lack of broadband investment.
I started tearing computers apart as a hobby when I was 15. I first started programming at 18 years old, on Linux. I’ve been a Linux nerd for a decade, and now as you can see all that time sitting at a computer desk is paying off.
Although I’m unemployed, I do some voluntary work. I teach complete computer novices how to use the Internet and emails in my nearest town.

Number one reason why I’m doing this – Programming office suites sure beats not having anything to do!

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